3.600,00 kr

 A clean and contemporary business dress by BOSS Womenswear. Cut to a relaxed fit with a V neckline, this short-sleeved dress secures with a D-ring belt and is part of our responsible style collection. For our RESPONSIBLE styles, we ensure that at least 60% or more sustainable raw materials are used. This item is part of our Less Water initiative, created using less water through specially selected raw materials and dyes. Due to continuous training of farmers, improved irrigation methods and better soil quality, organic cotton achieves a lower water consumption than traditional farming methods. Organic cotton is only grown with naturally occurring substances and no genetically modified seeds. Organic farming encourages the use of natural measures, such as crop rotation and composting, to control pests and diseases rather than relying on chemicals. For all our products that are part of the Less Water initiative, we selected production facilities and dyeing mills with a high-quality water recycling system in place.

Relaxed fit


Fastening top: Belted closure

Short sleeves


Fit back length: 108 cm